Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Ballot (3)

No, the candidate position will be randomized.

No, it is not mandatory to select candidate in each position instead you can select NONE however it is highly encouraged to select the candidates as required.

Yes, the ballot will have candidates’ photo unless candidates didn’t provide.

Contact Election Commission (1)

You can contact election commission via email at During online voting, the commission members are reachable via helpline (02 5119 3033).

Election 2024 (5)

No, it is not possible.

No, the election results are hidden until the election closes.

Yes, they will be able to view who have voted and how many members have voted.

Maximum of two votes are allowed to cast from each device such as mobile phone, pc, laptop, tablet etc. Hence only first two votes are counted and rest will be discarded.

Please check out this flyer for the credibility of the online voting system (Election Runner).

Election Result (2)

The result of the election is published directly on the online voting system (Election Runner) via ANFS website and ANFS facebook page.

The result will be disclosed during the AGM session on 26th May 2024. After that it will be published via ANFS’s website and facebook page.

Election Runner (4)

Login Details (2)

Each voter in your election will be assigned a Voter ID and Voter Key. Think of them as a Username (Voter ID) & Password (Voter Key).

The login details will be emailed to all the eligible members in their registered emails once the voting opens (9:00am on 25th until 14:00 on 26th May 2024).

Login Issue (1)

First check your junk/spam folder on the email system that you use. If you still cannot find it, contact the election commission at 02 5115 3033 or

Vote Casting Issue (1)

This happens if there are two instances open. Close both instances and try to open just one instance.

Voting (2)

Click here for detailed instruction on how to vote.

You will receive an email with voting instruction/link on the election start day: 9:00am on 25th until 14:00 on 26th May 2024