Who We Are

ANFS is Canberra based non-profit & non-political organization. The ANFS was founded in 1982 to promote welfare & friendship among Nepalese and Australians

ANFS represents the hopes and aspirations of those immigrants who are united by their common bond of Nepali Heritage and Australian Commitment

What We Do

Nepali language school for school-age children

The Australia Nepal Friendship Society Inc. Canberra has established Nepali Language School for school-age children. It is affectionately called Hamro Pathashala (Nepali term for ‘Our School’). 

Radio program in Nepali language

A radio program in Nepali language was started in Canberra in May 2014. This is broadcast in FM 91.1 Canberra Multicultural Service (CMS) Community Radio.

Celebration of festivals

We organise community events to celebrate a number of major Nepalese and Australian festivals such as DashainDeepawali (festival of light), Christmas, New Year, Nepalese New Year, etc

Contribution to social harmony and welfare

We participate in various cultural events including Multicultural Festivals where our members volunteer to express Nepalese cultural heritage.

Our members participate in various fund raising activities organized by volunteering / charitable organizations working in Nepal and other developing countries.

Nepali language classes for adults

We can organize casual Nepali language classes for adults who like to learn Nepali. These classes are meant to provide opportunities to learn elementary level of spoken Nepali with native Nepali speakers living in Canberra.