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What we do

What we do:

      1.     Nepali language school for school-age children

The Australia Nepal Friendship Society Inc. Canberra has established Nepali Language School for school-age children. It is affectionately called Hamro Pathashala (Nepali term for ‘Our School’). The classes are held every Sunday, except during school holidays and major Nepali festivals such as Dashain and Deepawali.

The lessons cover all aspects of Nepalese language including speaking, listening, reading and writing. The classes also cover Nepali cultures. The students of Nepali school have performed songs (including national anthems of Australia and Nepal) and dances at various events such as Dashain Celebrations, ACT Community Language Schools Days, National Multicultural Festivals, and Nepal’s Republic Day.

For more information and enrolment, please contact at <>

      2.     Radio program in Nepali language

A radio program in Nepali language was started in Canberra in May 2014. This is broadcast in FM 91.1 Canberra Multicultural Service (CMS) Community Radio. The program serves Canberra and surrounding regions. It offers Nepali music, local community news as well as news about social, cultural, developmental and political activities happening in Australia and Nepal.

Broadcast time: 9 am to 10 am, every Saturday.

      3.      Nepali language classes for adults

We can organise casual Nepali language classes for adults who like to learn Nepali. These classes are meant to provide opportunities to learn elementary level of spoken Nepali with native Nepali speakers living in Canberra. The classes are aimed at helping people involved in or likely to be involved in volunteering and community activities in Nepal. Please contact the Society ( for further information.

      4.      Celebration of festivals

We organise community events to celebrate a number of major Nepalese and Australian festivals such as Dashain, Deepawali (festival of light), Christmas, New Year, Nepalese New Year, etc. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact us to find out about upcoming events.

      5.      Contribution to social harmony and welfare

We participate in various cultural events including Multicultural Festivals where our members volunteer to express Nepalese cultural heritage.

Our members participate in various fund raising activities organised by volunteering / charitable organisations working in Nepal and other developing countries.

We organise games and social gatherings to promote physical, social and spiritual wellbeing of our members.

We also organise and participate in interactions and academic workshops to discuss topical issues related to political, social and economic developments in Nepal.

The Society has endeavored to help new arrivals to settle in Canberra and is committed to maintain this tradition. Likewise, the Society makes every effort to support its members in times of adversities and bereavement.

Feedback please: Members are encouraged to send their feedback about the past activities and suggestions for potential future activities.