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Nepal Quake Relief coordination committee

Appeal for Earthquake Disaster Relief in Nepal

Please click here to view the flyer and other information.

Please select the link to view important information about “Nepal Earthquake Relief Coordination” activities.

Upcoming events

1. Canberrans for Nepal Quake Relief – latest updated information. 

Nepalese community and their friends living in Canberra and Queanbeyan region have come together and initiated support for Nepal earthquake relief. A coordination committee consisting of representatives of community organisations and volunteers has been formed to coordinate immediate and long-term support. The team is currently working to support immediate emergency relief such as medical care, food and temporary shelter. The committee is planning for medium and long-term support and to liaise with fellow Australians at work places and in the community, Government agencies and corporations.

The coordination committee includes:

ANFS President: Dr Binod Nepal, as coordinator –
ANFS Secretary: Mr Bivek Palikhey –
ANFS Treasurer: Mr Jeevan Rana –
NRNA ACT President: Dr Sitaram Ghimire –
NRNA ACT Secretry: Mr Yubaraj Khaniya –
CNFC President: Mr Chudamani Sapkota (Gyanu) –
CNFC Secretary: Mr Abhinaya Rana –
ANUNeSA President: Mr Keshab Goutam –
ANUNesa Secretary: Ms Savitri Gurung –
Ms Anupama Mahat –
Mr Srijan Munankarmi
Dr Krisna Hamal –
Ms Punam Pant –
Mr Sudeep Acharya –
Dr Keshav Bhattarai
Dr Durga Dutta Kandel

A number of sub-committees have been formed.

Need Assessment Dr. Sita Ram Ghimire +61468958402
Need Assessment Mr. Srijan Munankarmi +61430086859
Need Assessment Dr. Keshab Bhattarai +61404062025

Community Outreach Dr. Krishna Hamal +61422342655
Community Outreach Ms. Punam Pant +61401890495
Community Outreach Dr. Binod Nepal +61423962825
Community Outreach Dr. Sita Ram Ghimire +61468958402
Community Outreach Mr. Choodamani Sapkota +61433535762
Community Outreach Mr. Bikram Subedi +61452221645

Information Management Mr. Bivek Palikhey +61433851344
Information Management Mr. Avishesh Shrestha +61413806242
Information Management Mr. Sudeep Acharya +61401216361

Donation Drive Ms. Punam Pant +61401890495
Donation Drive Mr. Krishna Subedi +61449979855
Donation Drive Mr. Tenzi Shrepa +61412248046
Donation Drive Mr. Surya Maharjan +61412226835
Donation Drive Mr. Kumar KC +61434032451
Donation Drive Mr. Raju Adhikari +61400777756

We will try to update as soon as we can. Our thoughts are with the people of Nepal. Pray for Nepal.